Cardboard Kids debut LP "Echo Boomer" lands on "Best of 2014" lists

2015 is starting off with a bang for Cardboard Kids and Echo Records on the heels of receiving kind words from a variety of sources citing "Echo Boomer" as one of the best albums of 2014.

The Scene Press was one such source and had this to say when including "Echo Boomer" in their best of 2014 list:

Cardboard Kids – Echo Boomer

There are very few bands that came onto the music scene this year that impressed me more than Cardboard Kids. The band’s approach to southern, grunge rock takes the best parts of The Black Keys (who basically brought the genre into the mainstream) and put their own little twist on it that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable record. “Don’t Spit in the Sink” and “What’s the Catch” will quickly become some of your new favorite songs to blast on the road. It’s crazy to think that if Cardboard Kids can create such a solid debut like Echo Boomer, what they will be able to do with their next album. -JK

You can catch Cardboard Kids in their first show of 2015 on January 21st at 12th & Porter. Presented by American Echo Records, you won't want to miss this killer line up of the the KIDS with some of their friends.

CK 12th porter Jan 21.jpg

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