Founded in 2010, ND2 has continued in its commitment to the independent music movement in all genres.  We are passionate about music we believe in and partner with other industry professionals and creative agencies that share the same vision.  


Our approach to working with artists is one of collaboration and mutual respect for the variety of skills and talent necessary to help them reach their goals.  We will work with you to evaluate where you are currently in your career and advise you on what it will take to help you reach the next level.  We believe that supporting the business side of your music should never compromise the creative vision and brand that you have for your music.


In addition to partnering with artists individually, we support our industry by participating in music conferences, festivals, and grass roots efforts.  We are committed to growing the collaborative spirit of Music City and it's musical "sister" cities across the country.  Locally, we regularly host showcases at popular venues for local artists we work with (or like!).  For our traveling artists, we also host house concerts and venue shows to help support them while they are in town for writing collaborations,  pre- and post-recording production, etc.




In our full service studio, we can help demo your songs or cut your next single, EP, or LP.


Through our label affiliation, we can help launch your record or utilize distribution outlets.


Our publishing division can help optimize revenue streams from your songs through sync licensing and traditional publishing routes.