Secret Club is a band we have had a lot of fun watching develop. This trio literally got together on a lark and did a "secret show'" by "Secret Club". The folks that showed up were blown away and underground buzz quickly spread through town.

Their sound is unique and song lyrics entertaining. This isn't a "serious band" as they would tell you. However, after attending one of their shows you would vehemently disagree.

From a chain mail clad friend crashing their set... to rants about how to treat your pizza man bad jokes between songs, you never really know what to expect from a Secret Club show and that is a big part of their buzz. People just dig it and dig their tunes.

After catching a live show, Indie Media Weekly said "Secret Club are a powerhouse underground trio that everyone needs to hear."

Secret Club is recording their first full length record at The Sound Shelter with producer Tres Sasser and engineer Joe Costa. The record will be released in early 2015 on American Echo Records.

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