Jesse Lafser debuts songs from her upcoming LP

Most people outside of Nashville know The 5 Spot from the tv show, but it is a favorite East Nashville hang for new music and those East Nasty's who don't like to cross the river. So, I ventured over to that talent laden part of America's current "It" city and was glad I did.

I first heard Jesse Lafser perform at a fund raiser about two years ago and impressed enough to have her perform in our showcase room at this year's Folk Alliance Conference and Festival. You can check those acoustic performances out on our YouTube page if you'd like.

Tonight, it was an opportunity to see Jesse with a band, and after having listened to her record on the down low (I have my sources), it was something I didn't want to miss. This project of hers is very cool. I'm priming her for the story behind the song because this is definitely a cohesively themed project with rich roots to the American past. I'll spill the beans when I get 'em.

Stay tuned guys and gals, here is Jesse Lafser with Becca Mancari on Gone, Gone, Gone

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