American Echo Records hosts "8 off 8th" at Mercy Lounge Sept 29, 2014

A packed house at Mercy Lounge Monday night was treated to a lot of good music curated by American Echo Records. With a lineup that ranged from rockabilly to psychadelic, there was truly something for everyone.

Adam Pope kicked off the night with his tribute to Memphis with "The Sun's Still Shining" and put the audience in the mood for the rest of the night. With an ode to his classic country roots and his youthful vigor, you should really check him out. It's been refreshing to see the worm begin to turn in "country music" with artists like Adam, such as Sturgill Simpson and Adam Craig (one of hte best young country writers in town in my opinion). Adam routinely tours with WS Holland, Johnny Cash's long time drummer. Not bad having WS for a mentor!

Adam Pope Trio.jpg

Don't let the boyish face and clean cut good looks fool you, Charlie Oxford struts with a maturity and soul beyond his years. With the beat laid down by his pocket drummer and a sexy bass, Charlie grooves with the best of them with a soulful twist on songs like "Drive Me Crazy." You'll want to keep an eye out for him and get yourself out a full show of his.


Straight out of Memphis, Deering and Down laid down a serious sexy vibe! This duo's chemistry on stage is palpable, befitting the years long musical relationship they have had. Lahna Deering is as sweet as she is sexy and the Rev Neil Down plays blues/rockabilly guitar like nobody's business. Based on the audience response, I'd say they should plan trip to Nashville more often.

If you've never been to an 8 off 8th show and wondering if it's a bit fastpaced, well it is! It is rockfire, 3 song sets all night long! Next up was Kylie Rothfield. I first heard Kylie when she opened for grammy nominated Seth Glier at a private house concert in Nashville back in the spring of this year. This girl has serious chops and her voice is amazing. A very talented songwriter for such a young soul, her band is equally as adept as she is and together "Kylie and The Company" brings it every time out!

S E C R E T C L U B has been an "underground" band of sorts for the past few months, playing impromptu and secret shows. Response has been so great to this three-some all involved in other projects that they decided to "get serious"...kind of! All I can say is this band is FUN, FUN, FUN! And cool... You saw them here first folks! Just remember that...

Jordan DePaul is who John Mayer thought he was when he did his "country album. Don't hate on me just yet, I LOVE JOHN MAYER. I'm just saying that Jordan DePaul delivers artfully on his southern rock meets country cool sound. Curiously, both Jordan and Secret Club have ties to Ohio. Could Ohio be our next happening music scene? Some would say it always has been but hey, I'm in Nashville.

Ending the night was a quirky little band called Pet Chat. With their home made stage clothes and unique eliterations, they easily had the most weirdly fun song of the night with "Cops Have Fun When You're Scared". Yep, probably exactly like what you're thinking about now.

Pet Chat 8 off 8th 2.jpg

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